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Letter and Summary Document from the Chair of APC to Crest Nicholson senior management

Oct 23, 2019

The Chair of APC sent the following to Darren Dancey, member of the senior management at Crest Nicholson.

“Dear Mr Dancy,

By way of introduction my name is Dave Whatton and I am currently Chair of Alrewas Parish Council. You may be aware that the Parish Council has been involved in this development right from the early stages when planning permission was first sought by the original developers. It is a matter of record now that, despite wealth of evidence to the contrary, permission was granted at national government level for the development to go ahead.

We have worked closely with the Alrewas Residents Group since its formation and jointly agreed a summary of issues arising from the building of the development with the potential impact on the village. A table summarising those issues is attached to this e mail for your information.

I delayed writing to you after noting, in the exchange of correspondence between yourself and John  Walton, that there seems to be some agreed positive moves to resolve some of the issues contained in the summary report. I hope that such positive dialogue continues so that more concerns from the village can be addressed.

I think that in truth, all the Parish Council would want to see over the next three years is that Crest Nicholson adheres to the planning conditions set down by the statutory authorities, that there is better communications to villagers when phases of work are about to commence, and that they are implemented in a logical manner. For example, it might have been easier for residents if a temporary car park had been operational before Dark Lane was dug up to install the gas pipe work to the development.

The Council looks forward to a time when building work reaches a steady state and that any issue of problems that arise can be dealt with swiftly to minimise the impact on residents in the village. We would also acknowledge that local businesses might well benefit ultimately from a larger population in the village and certainly the increased patient list size will generate more income for the surgery from the NHS. I think that, given there are bound to be these and positives arising from the start. I’m sure that the continued positive dialogue between Crest Nicholson and representatives of the village will help to get it right.

The Parish Council are of course in regular communication with Lichfield District Council, who have undertaken that the Parish Council will be consulted and involved from their perspective throughout the building process.

Finally, I would reiterate that the Council welcomes the recent positive dialogue and trusts that it will continue throughout the course of building work at Greenacres.

Best wishes

Dave Whatton, APC Chair”


Click Here to download a copy of the impact document.


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