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Reports of litter and Anti Social behaviour - Staffordshire Police

Nov 4, 2019

Following message received from Tracey Horton, PCSO:

"We have been receiving a number of calls and reports re youths in Alrewas causing anti social behaviour along Main street. Litter is being left on residents drives, beer bottles,  soft drinks crisp and sweet packets, yogurt pots and half eaten kabab. Could all parents please talk to their children re respect and putting litter in a bin.

I have also been told about a group of youths around 10-13 yrs old ringing door bells at random times and running off along Main Street. This is very distressing to residents, please parents speak to your children re how upsetting this can be for our vulnerable residents. 

New builds on Bagnalls Lock report over weekend youths breaking into secure building, walls have been vandalised, fire set ( no damage luckily from fire) and evidence of alcohol and drug use. 

Most of our young people are very respectful and this does not apply to them, it only takes a few being disrespectful to cause upset in the village. Please have a chat to your children if you have any information on who it could be contact me.

If you need to reply regarding this message, email"


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