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Oct 18, 2019

Position Statement:

  1. TNWR Order – Early August lines painted; 10 September 2019 wrong sign plates put up; SCC told CN to replace, remove, paint over, or bag sign plates; eight weeks of confusion; I removed the signs on 05 October 2019 with a small spanner in ten minutes; not an impressive level of commitment from CN to our village. Correct sign plates installed by CN on 07 October 2019. Order now enforceable.

    On related issues, the Secure Residents Parking is not ready – no fencing, no lighting, no cctv, inaccessible due to boundary fencing, and the liability and anti-social behaviour issues have not been ironed out. Planning Condition – to be completed prior to development commencing, i.e. over two months ago.

  2. Construction Traffic Route - Following yet another HGV contravening the Planning Conditions on 20 September 2019, and with no apparent response to the numerous complaints to the CN site management regarding previous contraventions, the ARG wrote to CN Chair and issued a plan suggesting where signs should go. This was followed by a site meeting with CN Build Executive and Build Manager on 24 September 2019, resulting in the current signage, and hopefully better compliance by HGVs accessing and egressing the site. CN told to request approval off SCC and inform APC. Not sure if this was done. However, the current A38 Southbound closures may affect this.

  3. Processing of significant changes / detailed proposals by LDC. - Significant changes made to the FRA&DS and detailed proposals regarding the removal of trees and hedgerows. The LDC process appears to be: receive, assess, approve and then file. Not posted on the LDC Planning website. No public involvement whatsoever. LDC state that “it has no process/requirement to consult with APC” let alone the ARG. This cannot be right when the issues are of such significance to our village. Moreover, what other proposals have been submitted, assessed and approved and then filed without reference to our village. The ARG has consistently asked all year for involvement in matters that impact on our village. LDC Councillors have been asked to sort out acceptable arrangements. It cannot be right that detailed discussions are allowed for proposals that go through the Planning Application to Public Inquiry processes but thereafter the public appear to be excluded, irrespective of how significant changes or supplementary proposals are.

  4. Summary Document/Action Plan – One has been produced and the ARG (in conjunction with the APC) will now press for meaningful meetings with CN and other interested parties to seek action/answers to the outstanding/ongoing issues. Culmination of 22 ARG Updates and some 2,500 e-mails. Hundreds of hours of research/studying documents, etc.

  5. Courting of Crest Nicholson - Lastly, the ARG has asked for the APC to debate and establish a mandatory policy on courting CN for support/funding for village initiatives. The ARG stance is that at present it is counterproductive to court CN, when compliance with Planning Conditions and appreciation of village issues is not at an acceptable level. The ARG suggests that this be reviewed after a trial period, say after the first winter. The ARG is not totally against courting Crest Nicholson but it is more of an issue of timing, i.e. following a prolonged period of compliance with Planning Conditions and demonstrable engagement with villagers’ concerns over the construction period impacts.


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