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Alrewas Residents Group - Update

Jul 3, 2019

From: John Walton

Firstly, thank you for your continued support. I am pleased to say that we now number 330 residents and over 20 Societies/Groups/Businesses/Services. I update you as follows, in no particular order of importance.

  1. Badgers – Crest Nicholson inform the ARG that “We have the appropriate license from Natural England to work within the vicinity of the badger sett etc. Once works commence on site, activity will be monitored, and appropriate mitigation measures employed. All works will be in accordance with the license and guidance from Natural England.” I have asked LDC Planning Services if this needs any input from them.
  2. Hedgerows & trees – “According to the Biodiversity Impact Assessment & Habitat Management Plan” of the 950 metres of hedgerow approximately 200 metres will be retained, but some 935 metres of new hedgerows are to be planted as the development progresses. I attach a plan which shows the retained hedgerows and trees along with the proposed protection. Credt Nicholson has confirmed that no netting will be used on the hedgerows.
  3. Footpaths – The ARG is aware that many of you have historically enjoyed access across the development site and accordingly the ARG has expressed concern on your behalf at the blockade of fencing that prevents the villagers accessing the River Trent and adjacent local green space from Micklehome Drive and Dark Lane. Whilst the ARG cannot support free access across a construction site, with all the inherent dangers, a request has been put to Crest Nicholson to maintain access at either end of the development.
  4. Local green space between the 121 dwellings and the Trent & Mersey Canal – Clarification has been requested as to what Crest Nicholson proposes to do on this land during the development period. To date the response has stated surface water attenuation pond(s) and a site compound. CN also intend to fence this off, i.e. completing the fencing of the area edged red on the attached plan.
  5. Egress from the development to the A38 northbound – The ARG continues to push Crest Nicholson and Highways England to keep to the promise of progressing this option in parallel to the Planning Approved access/egress.
  6. Traffic Management Plan – The ARG has commented on the proposals by Crest Nicholson to discharge the highway associated Planning Conditions. In brief, access to the site will be from Micklehome Drive, a one-way route through the site will be constructed (temporary then permanent), egress will be down Dark Lane/Park Road/Exchange Road and then left along Main Street. No HGVs will use Micklehome Drive/Park Road to reach Exchange Road. The proposals for the residents parking at the top of Dark Lane are not yet acceptable and clarification has been sought.
  7. Temporary No Waiting Restrictions Order, Dark Lane/Park Road/Exchange Road – This is now formally with the Ombudsman and Michael Fabricant MP has also been informed.
  8. Condition Surveys – As stated in previous Updates, Crest Nicholson is not carrying out Condition Surveys of property. If you are concerned about vibration from the construction traffic or site plant causing damage to your property, the following may be of use: If possible, get someone independent (i.e. with no vested interest) to assist/witness you, take photographs of your property (particularly the brickwork/rendering at the corners of door and window openings, try and date the survey by photographing a copy of the daily newspaper. If anyone has any further advice, please let the ARG know so that we can distribute it.
  9. Alrewas Parish Council – The next meeting is on Monday 08 July 2019 at 7:30 pm in the Village Hall. This will be the last chance to hear what the APC is doing until the next meeting which is in September, by which time the development should be in full swing.
  10. Foul sewage system – The ARG has written to Severn Trent Water regarding the capacity, if any, of the existing system and the nature, timing and extent of any required upgrades.
  11. Start date – The latest date that we have been informed of is early July.
  12. Work outside the area edged red on the attached plan (i.e. the Heras fence line – Please inform the ARG if you see any material being deposited or any works that are not ploughing, harrowing or seeding. These areas are on the River Trent Flood Zones 2 & 3 and may impact on flooding of the village.

Finally, if anyone has any expertise in matters associated with the development, the ARG would be pleased to hear from you. It would be greatly appreciated if help was forthcoming rather than a list of matters to be dealt with by the already stretched resources of the ARG. Please use as opposed to John Walton’s e-mail address, which is particularly relevant during the forthcoming holiday period.

Click Here to see a layout of the development to accompany the above update.


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