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Alrewas Parish Council Precept 2024-2025

Mar 14, 2024

Alrewas Parish Council agreed to increase its in Council Tax precept at its January 2024 meeting, for the first time since 2017, as there has not been an increase in the precept since that year.  At that time, the average amount paid in Alrewas was £31.30.  This was just over half of the average precept (of £61) paid across the rest of the country.

No increases were made because each year the Council received money from the Community Infrastructure Levy fund, which helped the Council manage its commitments without increasing the council tax, however this CIL has now come to an end.  The Council also resolved not to increase the precept during the COVID pandemic and subsequently in response to the cost-of-living crisis.

We have been discussing raising the precept since September last year as it was becoming apparent that the Council could not provide it’s basic services in future without correcting the accumulative imbalance in the Council finances that the lack of increase in previous years has created. In fact, between 2021 and 2023 the there was a percentage decrease in the Parish Council precept in real terms.

The Band D precept of £50.87 represents an increase of around £20 to £25 for households in the village for the whole financial year, which is still considerably below the average of £78.79 paid across the rest of the parish councils in England. For comparison a Band D Property in a nearby Parish council is £63.50 PA.

This important injection of income to our local community is spent prudently on ongoing costs such as grounds maintenance and improvements to street furniture. This year particularly we are planning to invest in traffic calming measures in the village. The Parish Council also continues to fund community projects through its grants scheme.

Any resident who wishes to find out what the Parish Council does and how the money is spent, is welcome  to come along to the monthly meetings at the Village Hall. You can also visit read the minutes of our meetings and keep up to date on our Facebook page or attend the councillor surgeries.


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