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Village News 24th March 2022

• At the Parish Council meeting Mark Hupperdine was co-opted on as the new Councillor and the resignation of Janette Potter was accepted which leaves a further vacancy.

PCSO Tracy Horton reported on the recent spate of vehicle break ins and theft of work tools from a large number of vans across the district with four incidents within or close to Alrewas. She has been giving advice and handing out stickers and identity pens to local van drivers and has left some at the Bank Coffeehouse if any van owners have been missed.

Elizabeth Davis, HS2 Phase 2 Stakeholder and Community Engagement Manager, came along to the meeting to give a brief presentation on works in the area and to address concerns.  There is considerable work being undertaken on several sites around Fradley. The destruction of the mature woodland was raised and assurances were made that thousands of trees were being planted to replace the trees removed.  

The closure of the A38 slip road at Streethay was also a concern. Work would be undertaken through overnight closures for as long as possible to minimise the period of a total shutdown. Information on closures would be publicised in advance. Environmental surveys were continuing at several locations for bats and badgers and some relocation work was underway. HS2 was aware that the Cemex quarry at Orgreave would impact on Alrewas and Orgreave and confirmed that Cemex would have to meet HS2 operating standards in terms of working hours, traffic movements etc. They are encouraging grant applications via the Community Engagement Fund.

Complaints had been received about dangerous parking on the corner of William IV Road and Main Street. The Traffic Management working group were asked to take action.

It was noted that National Highways had cleared the Burton Road footpath which is now much more accessible

An anonymous letter had been received about events on Alrewas Island but it was agreed that the Councill could not respond to anonymous correspondence. The

Parish Council was aware that the owners of Alrewas Island were following all required procedures when arranging events and no further action would be taken.

• In 2011 Peter Ralley set up Alrewas Archives with the aim of collecting memories, stories and artefacts pertaining to the history and heritage of Alrewas. As part of the project he has produced two books and two films which have been given away free to every household in the village.

In 2019 he sponsored a further book called ‘Alrewas in Pictures’ which sold 300 copies. The profits were used to buy hard drive storage for the extensive archive material collected. Peter has now produced a new version of ‘Alrewas in Pictures’ with additional photos which is available to purchase via the Alrewas Archives website or from the Bank Coffeehouse for £5.

He is currently working on a project looking at the development of the village since the year 2000.

• Alrewas Dramatic’s next production is "Free Love & Murder" a Murder Mystery Evening on 8th & 9th April. Go along to solve the crime, £7.50 per ticket, tables of up to 8 people, feel free to bring along your own snacks.

For Tickets message us or contact Jodie Ward on 07725 011511


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