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Criminal Damage at the Walkfield play area

Dec 21, 2021

At its meeting on 13 December 2021, Alrewas Parish Council considered the very disappointing reports of further serious criminal damage to the fence around the play area on Walkfield. This fence was erected at the request of residents to protect young children using the play area. It was expensive and money came from Council Tax payers i.e. you, the residents of Alrewas.  Repair costs are mounting up and again take money from the Council Tax precept that could be spent on other projects in the community.

The Parish Council will consider ways in which it can respond to the attacks at a future meeting, as it cannot continue to pay money for repairs only to see the fence damaged again and again.

If you see such criminal damage taking place please call the Police. Please report new damage to the Clerk:

Thank you for helping the Parish Council protect facilities in the village.


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