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Avian Flu confirmed at Chasewater Country Park

Dec 7, 2021

Staffordshire COuntry Council have confirmed that Avian flu has been found in two dead mute swans at Chasewater Country Park in the last week.

Visitors to the country park are being asked not to feed any birds, to keep dogs on leads near the water and stay to the paths. People should not touch or try to rescue sick or injured birds and should report them to the park rangers or to the Defra helpline on 03459 335577.

Officers from Staffordshire County Councils Trading Standards Animal Health team are also advising all bird keepers to remain vigilant and to look out for signs of ill health in their birds. They should follow strict bio-security rules. This includes ensuring wild birds cannot have access to any bedding, feed or water intended for use for kept poultry or birds.

In addition to this, steps must be taken to reduce the movements of people into or out of the areas where birds are kept.

The risk to the public from this strain of avian flu is very low and signage already in place will be updated. Local groups which use the park will also be contacted.

SCC will continue to work closely with Defra and will update on any further developments.


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