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Village News 5th August 2021

• The planning meeting to decide the Cemex quarry and concrete plant at Orgreave was a big disappointment. Everyone involved gave their all in the day but as the officers had decided to recommend approval of the application despite over 800 written objections and many excellent technical submissions from the local community we were always fighting a tough battle. Very little information on our objections was given to the councillors on the committee and a five minute presentation gave us no chance to cover all the objections. In the end it was voted 7-5 in favour of acceptance. We do now however have six weeks to consider whether we ask for a judicial review which is being looked closely at by the lead objectors

• Due to the COVID pandemic we have missed two successive Alrewas Shows (the only time this has ever happened in peacetime) and the 2020 Arts Festival, both of which are a major part of our village life. So as we emerge from lockdown our Alrewas Show, Alrewas Arts Festival and Alrewas Island volunteers have created a relaxed outdoor series of events to give our local community the opportunity to get together and have some fun. 

On Saturday 4th September there will be a mini country show during the day on the Show field and in the evening a gathering on Alrewas Island with live music, bar and food. Then Sunday on the Island will be a day of Festival inspired woodland activities and craft stalls.

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• If you’d like something to do during the summer holidays, you can pick up a copy of a Walking Treasure Hunt from the Bank Coffeehouse produced by Alrewas and Fradley Charities for a small donation. Copies of the answers are available too.

Graeme Taylor and Hector Christie launched their new book of walks around Alrewas the other week, also sponsored by the Charity, and is selling well.

And whilst you’re there take a look at a special Olympics banner made by Alrewas Knit Wits. You may have seen their amazing cake to recognise the 140th Alrewas Show which should have taken place on 17th July and a bottle of champagne to celebrate the group raising over £10,000 for local causes.

• At the Parish Council meeting a complaint from nearby residents about plans to place an extra dog and litter bin on the canal side by the church was discussed and it was decided it would not be installed due to the risk of it becoming overfilled from passing boats.

• Following the lifting of restrictions most of All Saint’s Church Covid risk-reduction measures will still remain in place within the church buildings as well as during public worship services, including the use of face coverings, sensible social distancing and retaining the present seating arrangements


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