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Village News 12th February 2021

• Thank you to all the residents who have borrowed litter picking equipment from the Parish Council and have been busy around the village. Many bags of litter have so far been collected, especially from the verges along the A513.

• At the Parish Council meeting the resignation of Jan Altham was accepted and thanks given for her time on the Council, particularly in regard to planning matters.

Councillor Pegg noted that flooding around the new Green Acres development remained a major concern, not for the new homes which have been built on a higher level, but those close by where the water will run. The drainage system, including the infiltration basin, has proved inadequate in the recent bad weather and the Parish Council has raised concerns that Lichfield District Council Enforcement Officer has not taken action to stop work on the site while the drainage issues are addressed.

The appeal for the new development on Manor Fields had been refused by the Planning Inspector, which has been welcomed by the Parish Council as well as many villagers.

Funding for a new Trim Trail was agreed which will be of great benefit to the physical and mental health of residents. The seven pieces of equipment will be situated alongside the canal.

An application for funding from SCC’s Climate Change fund will be made to plant up land near the Royal British Legion Club as a public wildflower and orchard area, subject to approval by the national Royal British Legion  

The Parish Council has responded to Lichfield District Council’s consultation on plans to create a new dog public spaces protection order. They support the need to encourage all dog owners to be responsible but were aware of the strong feelings in the village on this issue. Walkfield is primarily a sports area and there is a considerable amount of dog waste not cleared up by some dog owners and they would welcome more help with enforcement.

It was agreed that Stuart Threlfall would speak at the SCC Planning Committee to object to the Cemex application for a quarry and concrete factory at Orgreave on behalf of the Parish Council. As Chair of the working group he has put a huge amount of work into opposing this application on our behalf. The meeting is currently planned for April.

• Alrewas and Fradley Charities have acquired a wheelchair and zimmer frame for villagers to borrow on a temporary basis if in need. They are available from the Bank Coffeehouse and All Saint’s Church.

The Bank Coffeehouse wish to thank Alrewas Knit Wits for the lovely Valentine’s display they have created outside, and to the children of the village and Year 6 at St Stephen’s School for the lovely hearts they have made for the tree.

• PPG volunteers will continue to distribute treat bags until the end of lockdown, so if you know anyone, any age, feeling isolated, lonely or stressed during this difficult time, please call the helpline on 0330 1332160


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