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Village News 19th November 2020

• If you love reading but are finding it difficult to get to the mobile library in the village Alrewas Volunteers can collect the books you have read and bring your new books to you. They can give you a hand to order books too. Just call the helpline on

0330 133 2160. You can also order specific books and get more information about the library service by phoning Nick, our mobile librarian, on 07773 791124.

The library van parks in Post Office Road twice a month,10am-12.30pm and 1-3pm. The next dates are November 20th, December 4th and 18th.The library service quarantines all books and materials to prevent cross infection.

• At the Parish Council meeting a report was given on the recent meeting with Lichfield District Council planning department to discuss issues relating to the Green Acres development, in particular concerns about the risk to the village if drainage systems were inadequate, the gas pipeline and landscaping. The Parish Council is concerned that building work continues even though major issues remain so Lichfield District Council planners are investigating whether planning enforcement action can be taken.

Cemex have revised their planning application for the concrete works at Orgreave which is now subject to a 30-day consultation period. There is considerable work in identifying changes to the submission and the quarry working group headed by Stuart Threlfall will meet to prepare objections in response to it. Roadworks and archaeological excavations are underway in the locality of the proposed development and it was not clear if they were related to the proposal.

District Councillors reported that the Whitemoor Garden Village development proposed for the Tarmac quarry site across the A38 was not being included in the draft LDC Local Plan and will therefore be several years away. It was felt unlikely that any railway station would be approved as part of the proposed scheme.

Further to the Canals & River Trust’s refusal to amend the 18t weight limit on the ancient bridge at Bagnals Lock the Parish Council have contacted them to ask if they would impose a width restriction instead, to protect the bridge from heavy lorries crossing. Some damage has already been done.

A request from the Village Hall Committee for “No Parking” restrictions to be implemented at the village hall to minimise disruption and nuisance for local residents was considered. It was resolved to ask Staffordshire County Council to paint white lines across the driveways of adjacent bungalows to stop their drives being blocked but not to request double yellow lines. 

A request from the Coltech Foundation to install on a temporary basis a swan sculpture by the War Memorial, prior to it being permanently installed on Alrewas Island, was not approved as it was not felt to be in keeping with the war memorial at this time.    

Following residents complaints about balls being hit against their fence from the play area on Walkfield and children climbing up to look into gardens it was resolved to move the fence back from the garden boundaries. There was also concern raised about public liability issues relating to recent repairs of the fencing by local residents rather than Lichfield District Council. The support of local residents who carry out minor repairs to the play area was much appreciated residents but they would be asked not to undertake repairs themselves but to report any issues to the Clerk.

• Lichfield District Council are urging residents to support local businesses and shops when buying Christmas presents this year rather than large online companies as many are at serious risk of closure due to the pandemic. A list can be found at A reminder that there are shops in Alrewas that have lovely gift ideas – Needwood Living, Coates Butchers, the Bank Coffeehouse and Alrewas Pharmacy.


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