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Village News 6th August 2020

• Alrewas and Fradley Charities annual Quiz Night should have been next month but has been cancelled for obvious reasons. However, they have devised a Quiz Sheet that you can pick up from the village shops for £2 to do at home. Just drop your completed sheets back to the Bank Coffeehouse or any trustee by August 28th. There are some good prizes and you will be helping the Charities too.

The Alrewas and Fradley Charities Coronavirus Appeal has so far raised over £7800 and to date they have committed £3000 of this, £1000 to each of the village helpline groups in Alrewas and Fradley, £500 to the “Bags for Queens” initiative and £250 each to All Saints and St Stephens schools to help with the extra time and cleaning materials needed to keep our children safe. They have now started a food voucher scheme for families or individuals struggling to make ends meet as a result of the pandemic 

At the Trustees meeting last week they also committed funds to All Saints School to purchase diagnostic packs to assess speech, language, reading and comprehension, to All Saints Bowling Club for ongoing maintenance and repairs, and to Stepping Stones Nursery to help fund an individual child’s place.

If you would like to contribute to the appeal, join the Monthly Magic Numbers Club, or let them know of anyone who you know could do with financial assistance, please go the website: If you are interested in being included or would like to know more about the voucher scheme you can contact them in strictest confidence by email to:, by post to: 156 Main St Alrewas DE13 7ED, or by phone on 01283 790085, with a brief description of your circumstances.

• The Alrewas Coronavirus Team has now disbanded but the helpline 0330 1332 106 is still open and now goes straight through to the Alrewas PPG volunteer coordinators. They want to assure you all that if you need help, they are still here for you, particularly if you are still isolating or if you get home from abroad and find yourself unexpectedly in quarantine. They can help you walk dogs, do food shopping, or any other errands that are necessary. Lines are open 10am - 1pm Monday to Friday.

• Alrewas Surgery are now starting to see more patients in the surgery but they are continuing to offer telephone calls as the first contact with a doctor or nurse.

There are some really useful services now available from their new look website which includes online medication ordering, test results and medical record information viewing via Patient Access or the NHS App, as well as ‘Online Consult’ which gives you 24 hour access to health advice, self-care tips and information with an algorithm that sends a message to the surgery if it thinks you need to speak with a doctor or a nurse who will get in touch with you within two days.


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