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Walkfield Play area – IMPORTANT NOTICE

Jul 21, 2020


The Government has allowed children’s play areas to reopen and the Parish Council wants all users to enjoy their visit and stay safe.

Users must follow Covid 19 (Coronavirus) safety requirements issued by the Government in July 2020 (Click Here).

We appreciate that it is difficult for children to stay at a distance from others when playing but these government guidelines are for the safety of all users of the play area and their families:

  • If the play area is busy, please wait your turn so that children can play in safety without overcrowding
  • If possible, only one family member should accompany each child to reduce overcrowding by the play area
  • Please maintain social distancing from non-family members including children of at least one metre (approx. 3ft), preferably 2 metres apart (approx. 6 ft). You may wish to wear a mask in public, but this is not mandatory for adults or children at the play area
  • Please be aware of demand and limit time at the play area if a queue develops so that all children can use the equipment safely
  • The Parish Council does not have staff to clean equipment so please take hand sanitiser and antibacterial hand wipes with you for regular use by children. Everyone should wash their hands thoroughly when returning home from a trip to the play area
  • Please tell children not to put their hands in their mouth after touching equipment and encourage them to use hand sanitiser when moving between equipment
  • Please dispose of any used facemasks and handwipes by putting them in a bag in a rubbish bin at Walkfield, or by taking them home. No used facemasks or handwipes should be put in recycling bins
  • Please do not consume food and drink at the play area
  • Lichfield District Council continues to make weekly safety inspections of play equipment.


We hope that you can all enjoy the play area safely.

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Further information on Coronavirus

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