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Working towards a safer community

Nov 26, 2019



'County Lines' is a term used when drug gangs from big cities expand their operations to rural areas with the associated crime and violence. Several dealers from outside of the village have been recorded in Alrewas and they are particularly targeting 12-14yr olds. Currently the main drug used is Cannabis which is linked to significant mental health problems in users of this age, but there are serious concerns that A class drugs may be dealt in the village soon.

Safety of young people out in the village late at night:

Police urge parents to find out where their children are at night and get proof, as during the summer there were many youngsters out in the village until 4am on a regular basis and the police are very concerned for their safety.

Internet safety:

Incidents of grooming have occurred in Alrewas.

Antisocial behaviour:

This covers a range of issues which, while they may not be major incidents in themselves, can seriously affect the lives of residents who are affected by them. These include excessive and late noise, especially at Walkfield, bad driving and parking, graffiti, minor damage, litter and dog fouling.


  • Report all incidents to the Police (see below), not by emailing the PSCO or via the Alrewas Telegraph
  • If you are a parent, be vigilant about your child’s behaviour and know what they spend their money on. Look on www.talktofrank.com if you have any concerns at all
  • The police cannot prosecute unless they can catch dealers in action but have built a large amount of intel on the offenders over summer which leads to prosecutions. You can help by reporting any suspicious vehicles, individuals or incidents
  • The Parish Council is holding an information evening in February in partnership with the police and drug experts. Residents, parents and younger members of the village can get information on how to stay safe and free from harm and access practical help and support in dealing with any of the above issues
  • The PCSO will continue to work with local schools to address safety, behaviour etc



Dial 101 (always ask for a crime number)

Facebook ‘Staffordshire Police’ and click the private message button

Go to the Staffordshire Police website staffordshire.police.uk - click on 'report' bar on the opening page, elect what type of crime/incident you wish to report and follow the steps.

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