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Parking in Alrewas

Nov 26, 2019

The Parish Council has set up its Safer Alrewas scheme to address a range of issues, including road safety, good parking, antisocial behaviour and child safety following a range of concerns from residents. It aims to keep Alrewas a good place to live with a lively community which is safe for all.

Alrewas is a busy village and parking has become an increasing problem for residents and visitors alike. It has been made more difficult by parking restrictions imposed in Exchange Road near the Surgery because of the Green Acres at Alrewas housing development. The Parish Council has received a number of complaints from residents about poorly parked cars restricting traffic flow and also limiting access to pavements for disabled people and those with children in prams or buggies. Concerns have also been raised about speeding in the village.

The Parish Council does not have statutory powers to deal with parking or speeding problems. These powers are with Staffordshire County Council who operate, for example, the Speed Safety vans often seen by the side of the A38. The Parish Council has developed an advisory leaflet scheme which targets parked cars which are a nuisance to others. The Parish Council will report bad and dangerous driving and parking to the County Council and the Police for them to take action.

What the Parish Council asks is that you:

  1. Park responsibly – please do not block access to houses or other property or across dropped curbs which can be used by disabled residents or those with children in buggies or prams
  2. Park on the road and not on the pavement. Even parking partly on the pavement can block access for disabled residents, children in prams or buggies or families walking hand in hand with children to keep them safe
  3. Park away from road junctions and corners. Blocked junctions make it very difficult for drivers to see clearly when pulling out. This can cause accidents, including between cars and pedestrians
  4. If parking near the School please take extra care because of the young children walking in the area
  5. Do not speed around the village. The speed limit is a maximum of 30mph, including on most of the A38 slip road, but please drive according to road conditions and be aware of other road users, including pedestrians.

For more information please see the Staffordshire County Council parking information: www.staffordshire.gov.uk/Highways/Parking-and-enforcement

or the Highway Code:  www.gov.uk/browse/driving/highway-code-road-safety

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