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Contacting Alrewas Parish Council

Before contacting Alrewas Parish Council, please check the Which Council Does What page to ensure that your enquiry is something that we will be able to help you with.

Reporting Crime and Antisocial Behaviour

We are very keen to work with residents to keep Alrewas a safe and pleasant place to live or work. If you see anything that worries you, including young people out late at night where there might be a safeguarding issue, or seems suspicious, please call 101 immediately to inform the Police. The Police may not be able to attend immediately, but your concern will be logged and used to inform the Police about where to allocate staffing resources. If no calls are received via the 101 number, the Police will assume that there are no problems in Alrewas.

The Police do not monitor social media such as the Alrewas Telegraph Facebook page so any posts on there will not get a Police response.

Remember, please call 101 if you see or hear anything that concerns you and help keep Alrewas safer.

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