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Policies & Governance

Click on the links below to download the current Policies and Governance for Alrewas Parish Council

Documents Schedule May 2022

Standing Orders May 2023

Financial regulations May 2023

Strategic and Operating Plan May 2022

Code of Conduct May 2023

Risk Assessment May 2023

Anti Bullying and Harassment Policy November 2021

Training & Development Policy March 2022

Data Protection Policy November 2021

Emergency Leave Policy November 2021

Equality and Diversity Policy November 2021

Expenses Policy November 2021

Flexible Working Policy November 2021

Homeworking Policy November 2021

Lone Working Policy November 2021

Performance Improvement Policy November 2021

Scheme of Delegation November 2021

Sickness Policy November 2021

Whistleblowing Policy November 2021

Climate and Environmental Support Statement September 2021

Virtual Meeting Policy May 2021

Online Usage Policy May 2023

Working Groups Operational Procedure May 2023

Website Accessibility Statement May 2021

GDPR Privacy Policy May 2021

GDPR Privacy Notice May 2021

GDPR Retention Schedule May 2021

GDPR Personal Information Register May 2021

Pension Discretions Policy May 2021

Trim Trail Guidance May 2021


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