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May 2021

Since my last message in January 2020 the whole world and all aspects of life have been affected by the Covid 19 virus. I would like to thank everyone in Alrewas who has contributed to supporting our community over the last months, both in organised groups and as individuals. The members of the Parish Council are very grateful for your efforts.

Away from the pandemic, 2021-21 has been another busy year for the Parish Council. We continue to engage with Crest Nicholson, the developers of Green Acres on the Dark Lane site. Although the Alrewas Residents Group (ARG) has been disbanded, we still work with those ex members with valuable expertise in development, especially Mr Trefor Milns and Mr John Walton, relating to drainage and other concerns. We also liaise regularly with the various organisations with responsibility for the development, including Lichfield District Council and the Environment Agency.

Another major planning issue that the Parish Council has focused on is the proposed quarry and factory at Orgreave. The Parish Council has set up a Quarry Working Group, ably chaired by local resident Mr Stuart Threlfall, which is doing excellent work in opposing the proposal. The Parish Council has submitted several objections to the proposal and will speak against the planning application when it is considered by Staffordshire County Council.

The Parish Council has undertaken a range of activities to enhance the village. These include continuing to monitor traffic in the village, working with other organisations to develop a cycle way to Whitemoor Lakes, installing a Trim Trail on Walkfield and we plan to develop a wildlife area and community garden this summer.

The Parish Council consider that safeguarding young people, antisocial behaviour and a reported drug problem in the village remain important issues for us all and so, in collaboration with police, health professionals and other groups, we continue to focus on safeguarding. We have been delayed in our activities by Covid, but plan to hold a public information evening when such gatherings are possible.

The Parish Council continues to support the work of Councillor Michael Wilcox and the ‘Keep Alrewas Tidy’ volunteers and has purchased equipment which they can use on their regular village litter picks. We are also grateful also to those anonymous residents who pick up other people’s litter and dog mess when they are out and about.

This year we said goodbye to two Councillors – Mrs Margaret Stanhope MBE after over 50 years of service, and Mrs Jan Altham. We thank them for their contributions to our community. We have welcomed two new Councillors, Cllr Donna Moss, who returns to the Council, and Cllr Elizabeth Lawler, to the Parish Council.

More details on all the above can be found in the Parish Council newsletter which is distributed to every household each year. You can also use the contact form on the website if you want to raise any issues with the Parish Council.

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