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January 2020

It’s been an important and very busy year for the Parish Council and for village life. Work began on the Dark Lane development, now called Green Acres, and thanks must go to John Walton and members of the Alrewas Residents Group (ARG) who, in collaboration with the Parish Council Development Group, have brought their individual expertise to bear in making sure the developers keep to the conditions specified in the planning consent.

Traffic issues are even more of a focus with, not just Green Acres but the other new housing developments and we are taking measures to alleviate these.

The Parish Council consider that safeguarding young people, antisocial behaviour and a growing drug problem in the village are important issues for us all and so, in collaboration with police, health and other groups, we intend to make safeguarding a focus this year.

Thank you to Councillor Wilcox who started the ‘Keep Alrewas Tidy’ campaign and to all the volunteers who join him on regular village litter picks. We are also very grateful also to those anonymous residents who pick up other people’s litter and dog mess when they are out and about.

We continue to support the further development of Alrewas Cricket Club which includes a new summer pitch for the youngsters and, with funding from Alrewas Civic Society, you will have seen new lighting at the War Memorial at Christmas.

More details on all the above can be found in the Parish Council newsletter which is distributed to every household each Autumn.

Amendments to the timescale for the production of the Parish Council audited Annual Accounts

Due to the corona virus emergency, the government has amended the normal timescales for local councils to publish their final audited annual accounts and to make them available for public scrutiny. The deadline for publication has been changed from 30 September 2020 to 30 November 2020. The timeframe for public scrutiny has been changed from the first ten working days of July to September 2020.

Annual Returns

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