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May 2018

The last 12 months have again proved to be very busy. The Alrewas Neighbourhood Plan has been re-written and submitted to the Examiner and his response was positive. Once again, this has required many hours of hard work from the Working Group, headed by Graham Slight. We give them our grateful thanks for all their efforts.

This is now available on the LDC website and a Referendum will be arranged during the summer. Residents are strongly urged to respond to this as the Plan will help define the village’s future.

The work on the base of the War Memorial, which was undertaken towards the end of last year, unfortunately did not withstand the vicissitudes of the winter. Cracks appeared which necessitated the replacing of the rendering. The replacement cement will be coated shortly to prevent any recurrence.

The new children’s play area on Walkfield has proved a success and has been enjoyed by all. There has however, been some comments made recently regarding the lack of a fence for the area as it is felt by some that this would assist in keeping dogs out. The Working Group is in the process of putting together a proposal for the Council to consider regarding what they feel is the most appropriate solution.

A major issue of concern has been, and still is, that of the HS2 construction. This is likely to have a considerable impact on the community, not just by HGV traffic, but also by the plans for gravel extraction. Led by Councillor Whatton, Alrewas PC contacted surrounding Parish Councils with an intention to establish a common approach to the issues. Sadly, only Kings Bromley sent representatives to the meeting. Kings Bromley are likely to suffer the greatest impact of HS2 and are already well into discussions with them regarding their areas of concern. We have offered our support and are liaising with them on these matters.

There has been no change in the situation regarding the development of the land north of Dark Lane, in that we have no information regarding any proposed purchasers of the land. The Parish Council is prepared to meet and discuss matters with whosoever the new owners will be.

Recently, the Parish Council sadly noted the death of Roger Sanders. Roger served as a Parish Councillor for many years.

This year, following a reduction in the Rate Support Grant paid to the District Council and the consequential reduction in the monies passed on by the District to all the Parishes, it has proved necessary to increase the Precept, ie the part of your Council Tax that funds the activities of the Parish Council. The increase sounds very large (7.5%) but is actually a small amount (£2.36p). This keeps the income side of the PC’s budget at exactly the same level as in previous years.

It is again worth reminding everyone that the Parish Council is a statutory body and must abide by Standing Orders. This means that procedures have to be followed that give the appearance that the Parish Council is slow to progress matters. This is inevitable given that Parish Councillors have a right to vote on every decision made by the Council and the meetings only take place once a month. Many Councillors work very hard to achieve successes like the renovated play area and it would be encouraging to see more residents at meetings.

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