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May 2017

It has been a very busy last 12 months. The Village celebrated the completion of the project to update the children’s play area on Walkfield, achieved with the support of the Parish Council, County Councillor Janet Eagland and Tarmac. The joint working group of Parish Councillors and residents are to be congratulated on all their efforts. Additionally, the major renovations to the Village Hall were formally opened by Councillor Janet Eagland. The renovations of the War Memorial have also been agreed and are about to be undertaken.

These achievements have been made despite it being quite an unsettling year.

There have been some personnel changes to the Parish Council itself over the last 12 months. Sadly, the Council and the community as a whole, suffered the loss of Councillor Tony Coates who ended his battle with cancer in May 2016. He was an exceptionally active member, well known to most residents and is much missed. We welcomed Dave Whatton on to the Council to replace him. More recently, following a resignation, Miles Moseley was co-opted as a new Parish Councillor, and we welcome him also.

The decision by the Secretary of State on the Appeal by Lioncourt Homes to allow the Dark Lane development to go ahead has been announced. We understand that the land is now being sold on by Lioncourt and the Parish Council is intending to liaise with the new developer, whoever that may be, with a view to reducing the inevitable impact that the building work, and subsequent occupation, will have on the community.

The Parish Council’s objections to the Minerals Plan for Staffordshire were to no avail in spite of an excellent argument put forward by the working group, ably led by Stuart Threlfall. The group, established by Alrewas Parish Council, will continue to actively argue each area of search as they are raised in the future. Indeed, they are seeking to establish a committee with the extraction companies, the County Council, and the Parish Council to reduce impact on the communities.

Despite everything this year there has been no increase to the precept (the amount paid to the Parish Council as part of residents Council Tax).

The Parish Council congratulates Paula Dumolo and her team for a fantastic Alrewas Arts Festival 2016, possibly the best yet, and give thanks to our Vicar John Allan who opened All Saint’s Church for the Finale Concert when the weather prevented the normal grand finale on Walkfield.

Finally, it is worth reminding everyone that the Parish Council is a statutory body and has to abide by Standing Orders. This means that procedures have to be followed that give the appearance that the PC is slow to progress matters. This is inevitable given that every Parish Councillor has a right to vote on each decision made by the Council and the meetings only take place once a month. Many Councillors work very hard to achieve successes like the renovated play area and it would be encouraging to see more residents at meetings. Members of the public may comment on items on the agenda at the meeting, provided that they have informed the Parish Clerk in advance that they wish to do so. Alternatively Councillors are available from 7pm to discuss any matters with residents before the meeting starts.

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